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Basis of the site is done!

This time last week, I'd never heard of WordPress. Six months ago I started mucking around with blogger, but found the lack of categories a bit of a drag, really. And I guess because I wasn't really happy that things weren't just the way that I wanted them, I kinda lost a bit of interest. So from setting up a hosted site, creating a new blog and loving WordPress in the process, I could see that the tools that I wanted were finally at my fingertips. All I now needed was my own domain some place to host it and then I could get cracking with my own fully customisable installation of WordPress.

I timed it well too. WordPress 2.0 was just officially released so I spared myself of having to upgrade.

I would like to thank a few people too. From people who have taken the trouble to write up their experiences with getting everything working, to others who are publishing themes and styles and plug-ins and all sorts of wonderful stuff.

There have been a bunch of other inspirational sites as well, (and we can't forget the WordPress wiki).

Anyway - off to add some more photos now!