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Interesting links for 2006-04-05

BlogRolling - The best link manager for your weblog and more!

BlogRolling is a one-stop linklist manager for your blog or journal, helping you manage your ever-evolving linklist with ease. There are a lot of tools out there to help you blog without getting your hands dirty - but...
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That Strange Falling Sensation hey, now I know. Seems that there may be a link between those drifing off to sleep muscle twitches and fatigue. At least it's not just me.
(tags: sleep science)
Iconize Me! Becoming very popular now is iconising yourself for your site. I contemplated doing this for a while, and recently discovered this site putting people in touch with artists.
Micro Persuasion Steve Rubel's blog on "Social Software". Social Software? Right. Anyhoo, he actually has some very interesting articles and pointers to new stuff.