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Made the switch from PC to Mac

It's kind of funny, but I think I'm the PC in the "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads, yet here I am sitting typing on my new Mac. Maybe the change doesn't happen instantaneously. I'll check again in the morning. Perhaps I should start by taking the suit jacket off. There.

So far the hardest part about making the switch was coughing up the cash for another new computer. I bought my last notebook just under a year ago, thinking that it would last for a couple of years. It was a Toshiba Tecra A7 and it was really diasppointing. Hot, slow, troublesome. In a side by side boot test, my Toshiba takes 10 mins to boot. No kidding.

I was excited to get my new Mac. I though about it for about three weeks after getting the quote, and then when I placed the order, my supplier was out of stock, and so was Apple. Oh well, I guess this is supposed to teach me patience or something.

I waited until the kids were in bed before unpacking switching on the Mac. Kind of didn't want this to happen.

Twenty-five years of conditioning using a PC were gone in about an hour and a half. The first 10 minutes were the hardest. "Where do I find applications? oh, what's this Finder thing? Oh there they are!" Then move to "Ok how do I install Firefox? Lets try and see what happens...oh there it is, download. Run. Done. How do I get the FireFox icon on the bottom menu thing... can I drag it there? Yes!"

An hour later I was checking the System Software was Up-to-date, and installing Firefox plugins like I'd been using it forever.

The next morning when I switched on my PC at work to connect to the Exchange Server, I found that I was looking for things in the wrong places and usig the trackpad with two fingers to scroll, to no effect. I had made the switch!

There are still some things I need to do. This Mac will be the computer I use at home AND at work. I am required to use MS Project. Hmm, next to check out Bootcamp and Parallels. That will be weird.