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Mum and Dad are blogging their camping holiday

Mum and Dad are touring north-west Queensland in their 4wd and Kimberly camper.  Mum's started blogging the trip and every now and then when they can get a connection on their wireless broadband modem, they upload a new entry.  If you're interested in touring Queensland via 4wd and seeing some truely remote Australia, you should check out their blog. It sounds like they are having a wonderful time, although some of the driving sounds a bit rough and tiring.  Apparently the destinations make all the travel worthwhile!

Back from a weekend of Camping

Just arrived back safely from a long weekend away camping down at Nicholson in Gippsland Victoria. Photos are up in the photo section. Kyla, Tambo Camper and Pathfinder We stayed at the Lakes Bushland Caravan Park which is a few kilometres past the town of Nicholson, and much nicer than the caravan park in the town. That one is more like a "trailer park" with lots of permanent residents and hardly any decent campsites. The Lakes Bushland is very bushy, and very well spaced. The facilities are good, but the prices have gone up recently, but are still pretty reasonable.

We've had the Tambo camper trailer for about 18 months now, and it still continues to perform really well. It's great to tow because it is a reaonable weight, and we are pretty organised, so we are really quite comfortable.

Get ready for that scratchy soundThis was the second trip in the new Nissan Pathfinder and it still continues to impress. We took it down some great tracks that led down to the Tambo River with one being so tight that both sides of the car are scratched quite convincingly. Oh well, that's what we got the car for, wasn't it? Off road the car is great, and on road it is a pleasure to drive.

We also ventured to Nicholson River winery where we tasted some outstanding wine, and ended up spending a small fortune on a whole stack of wine. This place is really work a visit if you are down that way - the chardonnay's are worth the visit alone, but everything else is great too!

The camping was lots of fun, and we really enjoyed ourselves.