Me, my life, my interests


Thanks to all the wonderful folk at Telstra who wished me such a fond farewell last week when I finished up. It was kind of overwhelming. The many lovely sentiments in the card were really great and really encouraging. Thank-you! The gifts were grouse too:

  • A Fisher Space Pen (Bullet) which writes really well - obviously people know that I love pens. This one is great because it is very small, but when using it the cap makes it a very practical length.
  • A Global knife - the Global Large Granton Santoku which is absolutely bloody fantastic! These knives are so sharp, I can highly recommend them to everyone, and their range is huge. This Santoku is a good size (not too small and not too big) but the best thing is the granton edge (scalloped grooves on the side) that prevent food from sticking to the knife. This is great for potatoes and hard wet foods.
  • Some lovely Haigh's chocolates - some delicious assorted hand made chocolates filled with many wonderful flavours, and a huge gold wrapped chocolate frog! They were delicious!
  • And finally, a pack of recycled printer/copier paper. Someone in particular knows that I like to write on blank paper because I draw mind maps rather than write notes. Obviously frustrated with me using new paper, they have been encouraging me to use recycled paper, and seemingly want this habit to continue!

So thank-you very much all of you!

As I said at drinks last week, working at Telstra with all the people in the wireless and online content technology area has had a great influence on me, both professionally and personally. I've had opportunities to grow and learn many new skills, face and overcome many challenges, work with some truly wonderful, talented people and form some good and hopefully long lasting friendships. I wish you all the very best.